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The Safe Center LI is a qualified IRS 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that actively seeks the support of individuals, philanthropies’, corporations, and foundations in its efforts to provide the best services for the women, children, men and elderly persons it serves.

Because of the disruption and trauma faced by the clients served by the agency, often life-altering changes, there are no charges for programs. No needy victim is disqualified due to a victim’s lack of income.

A word about government grants: In many cases, local, state and federal government do provide some funding for specific programs. Often that money is given to get a program started and maintenance funding for the program is the responsibility of the agency. The agency seeks funding through various events and initiatives.

Support from corporations, philanthropies’, foundations, community groups and individuals are vital to the continued success of The Safe Center LI.

Donate here to restore hope for victims of abuse.

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