CAC Services

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What services are available at the CAC?

Advocacy: Upon arriving at the CAC, each family is assigned an Advocate to assist the family in navigating the criminal justice and family court systems. The Safe Center’s Child Victim Advocate Program provides supportive services to help child victims and families cope with allegations of abuse and to help children and families recover in the aftermath of abuse. Advocates can also accompany children to court and medical appointments to help the child and family to feel more comfortable with these processes.

Medical: Medical exams are available for every child that comes to the CAC. These exams are conducted by Nassau University Medical Center’s and Sexual Assault Forensic Examiner (SAFE) and Suspected Child Abuse and Neglect (SCAN) programs on emergent and non-emergent basis, respectively. Members of the SAFE and SCAN programs have specialized training in assessing child abuse.

All medical exams are non-invasive and are provided free of charge to the family.

Mental Health: The Safe Center’s Children’s Mental Health Program offers a variety of trauma-informed mental health and group services designed to help you and your child cope with the aftermath of an abuse allegation. Counseling services are available to parents & caregivers through the Rape & Sexual Assault Program.

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